Hit by Rally Car!

Hit by Rally Car

This is a common occurrence around the international Rally Car scene. People lining the streets around blind corners with no fences or barriers just isn't a good idea. We are working on creating a Body Cage for these people, but until then we'll just have to seek out these videos and spread the word about safety...


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This guy gets flipped and tossed into a ditch that seems to be a few feet from the course! Amazing what kind of excitement Rally Cars bring to a person to make such a bad decision. Granted this driver might have come off his line, but that is what makes or breaks the best from the best. The closing seconds shows this man laid out on his back. Is he dead? I don't know, but you might say that he got what he deserves if he had any bad Karma.

Thank you 26WRC for post this video of what not to do at the Rally!

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