Custom Lexus IS300

Why did we do a Custom Lexus IS300 Hill Climb/Time Attack Car with an LS Swap? That is a question we get all the time. The answer is really simple.. Why not? Sleek luxury design, and plenty of room to customize every aspect of the vehicle. Plus our fearless leader Mike has the best impulse buying ability in the world.

"we still ended up spending way to much beer money"

The car originally was suppose to be a cheap drift car that was different. Again, we haven't seen to many of these cars built out which justified the impulse buy. The IS300 cars we do see online are generally powered by a Supra Engine running 20 pounds of boost, Lexus IS300which is great for big HP, however; buying the required 2JZ-GTE and the best tuning in world can cost you big bucks (around 18k.. we checked). We thought we could go another route with an LS motor and the bullet proof T56 transmission while keeping it cheap. Turns out we have a taste for wine on a beer budget... Which means we still ended up spending way to much beer money..


Custom Lexus IS300 with LS3 Power

Luckily we aren't "purists" which grants us the power to put better components into the engine bay without blinking an eye lash. That means the weak rods in the 2JZ power plant that comes stock in the IS300 had to go in favor of the LS3 as mentioned above. The LS3 carries the Texas Speed Cam Package and a Holley Harness. Sticking with the Holly theme in the engine bay we decided the Holly Digital Dash would be a nice touch.

Obviously we had to get a good LSD into the vehicle to get the power to the pavement. This time around Tomei was the LSD of choice. Also aiding in the power to pavement struggle is a huge custom fabricated spoiler. With more power and more speed, we needed more brakes. Yes, that is correct. Big Brimbo Brakes were installed to help the car stop smoothly and safely.

To get the suspension just right we sent our car down to Southern California to JIC-Magic. Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.59.55 PMThey still have the car as of this writing, and we are really looking forward to testing out their handy work.

Our Custom Lexus IS300 got a fresh paint job from Fresh Auto Body in our home town of San Leandro.

The car is essentially done. We're excited to see what it can do!

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