BMW E36 Roll Cage Install

Above we have a few images of a custom roll cage we are putting into a Convertible BMW E36. We got the got stripped of the seats front and rear, did some measuring, tacked up a template, and got to work. The overall Tig Welds came out really nice, and our customer was happy with it his new Custom Roll Cage.

What we like about the BMW E36 as a drift car?

The BMW E36 is a two door "compact" car that has sleek lines and a traditional look that is cohesive with most of the BMW cars. You'll never mistake the front end for anything else, and they are an overall good platform to work with. All of the M-Series BMW's are inspired by their racing heritage. In fact the "M" in "M Series" stands for Motorsport.

Janke Motor Sports is located in Oakland, Ca. and can provide a number of different custom parts, roll cages, and turbo/supercharger fabrication.

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