Turbos and Superchargers

Janke Motor Sports is about going fast using Turbos and Superchargers. Really fast.. So we try and up the anti with anything and everything. If it has a motor, it deserves a Turbo or Supercharger Upgrade. That's what we do! Drift Cars, Sandrails, Drag Cars, Boats, or even small aircraft... Yes.. Even Small Aircraft! Foreign or Domestic  is not a problem.

Turbos and SuperchargersHigh quality American parts and a keen eye for detail. Our Custom Turbos builds have done amazing things on Dynos, and we have a few people that can tune your vehicle after install for your needs. With 10 years of experience in the fabrication game we only do quality work that will last. With all that experience our customers are sure to have a reliable product.

Turbos for Towing, racing, flying, or boating we can provide more giddy up for your needs with our ground up fabrication process.

Vehicle must be on premise for custom Air/Fuel delivery fabrications. If you need help with the delivery of your vehicle let us know and we'll help you arrange transport to and from.

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Turbos and Superchargers

There is always this misconception about which is better in terms of power from Turbos and Superchargers. We believe it's all about the project in terms of needs. What is this vehicle or like going to be used for? With this question answered we are able to decide on Turbos and Superchargers.


Turbos are designed to use your engines exhaust system to power a turbocharger forcing more air into your motor. Turbos are widely used and are a very common application among motor sports enthusiasts. Want to read more about Turbos?


Superchargers us engine belts and pullies to fill a combustion chamber with more air. Again, more air, bigger explosions in the cylinders making big power. Want to read more about Superchargers?

There you have it. The differences are pointed out in a very general way. We hope you have a little bit of a better understanding.

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