Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

With the manufacturers Mufflers and Exhaust Systems leaving a lot to be desired, and the "universal" fitments for your care or truck not always working out Janke Motor Sports can weld up something proper. All the right curves in all the right places if your picking up what we're putting down.

Our Mufflers and Exhaust Systems are custom from day one. Increasing performance and unleashing the power of your vehicle to the road. The faster air can get through the pipes out of the engine cylinders, the more room it has for air and fuel, and the next revolution of detonations. With more air from your Turbos and Superchargers you will notice a big increase in power and throttle response.

Your vehicle will also inherit a tonal value that some could argue is the most beautiful sound in the world. If you want the Speed Channel at all, and can pick a rumbling motor out of a line up then you know what we are talking about. Aggressive sounds, power, and you might even earn your self some sore cheeks.

Through cutting, bending, welding, and securing your custom designed Muffler and Exhaust System we're able to help you with power gains with quality tonal values. Helping your machine breath could even improve miles between fill ups. So that's something to tell your wife when your justifying the costs which we call a Man Move around here. With an increased diameter through the back of your vehicle capping it off with a great muffler tip can bring that aggresive sound and perfomance full circle with a polished look.

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