Custom Lexus IS300

Why did we do a Custom Lexus IS300 Hill Climb/Time Attack Car with an LS Swap? That is a question we get all the time. The answer is really simple.. Why not? Sleek luxury design, and plenty of room to customize every aspect of the vehicle. Plus our fearless leader Mike has the best impulse…
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BMW E36 Roll Cage Install

Above we have a few images of a custom roll cage we are putting into a Convertible BMW E36. We got the got stripped of the seats front and rear, did some measuring, tacked up a template, and got to work. The overall Tig Welds came out really nice, and our customer was happy with…
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Hit by Rally Car!

Hit by Rally Car This is a common occurrence around the international Rally Car scene. People lining the streets around blind corners with no fences or barriers just isn't a good idea. We are working on creating a Body Cage for these people, but until then we'll just have to seek out these videos and…
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