Janke Motor Sports History

For over 17 years Mike Janke has been going fast! As a young and restless adolescent he always found ways of entertaining himself through innovation and customization. GoPeds turned to Motor Cycles, Motor Cycles turned to Cars, and everything had to be super loud so you would know something fast was coming. With this came a resposibility to respect the law, but that wasn't in the cards for this speed demon. Nope. This guy doesn't give a F*ck about any of that. With a number of years spent at one of the top Muscle Car builders in the East Bay, Janke is out to make a name for him self


A Driver First

Janke has been and always will be a driver first. Knowing how cars handle and operate is an essential skill for a fabricator. This approach has helped Janke establish himself within a number of different auto scenes, and he is able to give out advice on a number of technical scenarios.

Open for business now!

Janke Motor Sports is currently operating in the the East Bay in a convenient location. All estimates, designs, and fabrication are done on site. Job durations and time lines are subject to change without notice, however; we strive to get your project finished in a timely manner so we get paid. There maybe be a materials deposit.